Electricity suppliers

We have ongoing collaborations with all electricity providers; find the information you need for your activity.

Grid connection

Find out more about the consumers’ connection to the grid: the documents you need, the applications you submit, the stages, the rates and response times.

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Find out more about meter reading, checks, how to access the consumption data, the procedure to be covered in case a customer desires to relocate the meter and our rates.

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Read about the distributor’s notification in the case of the changing of the electricity supplier, details on how to claim compensation in the case of appliance damages, the conclusion of the distribution contract and other information.

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Granting compensation

Read about the information we are bound to grant to our customers in case we fail to observe the parameters in the Performance Standard – on electricity outages, connection, response and work completion times.

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Laws and procedures

Be aware of electricity regulations - you can get information directly from ANRE's orders and decisions. We also have internal procedures that you might be interested in.

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Consumption profiles

Stay up-to-date with the regulations in the electricity field - you can directly read ANRE’s orders and resolutions. Moreover, we have internal procedures that might concern you.

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