Electrical energy producers

Electrical energy producers are an important part of the energy ecosystem. Find out more about the assistance we can provide – whether you operate a wind or photovoltaic plant, or you produce energy from other renewable sources (biomass, biogas, hydro, co-generation, etc.).

Grid connection

Find out more about how to connect the power station where you produce energy: the documents you need, the applications you submit, what the specific connection stages you need to cover are, what the rates and the response times are.

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Granting compensation

You must know that you are automatically granted compensation in case we fail to observe the parameters set in the Performance Standard. Find out what these compensations are.

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Laws and procedures

Our activity is regulated by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), in the framework of the primary law. You can directly read ANRE’s orders and resolutions. Moreover, we have internal procedures that might concern you.

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