Prosumer information

If you’re considering the production of energy from renewable sources in a plant with an installed power of no more than 400 kW and, in addition to the own consumption, to also deliver the energy surplus to our electricity distribution grid, this makes you a prosumer.

In order to become a prosumer, it is very useful to read the newest regulations in the field, because they include provisions on how you can sell energy to the electricity supplier. In our capacity as distribution operator, we have duties with regards to the connection to the network through which we certify your capacity as prosumer, measure the consumed/injected energy and send information to the supplier in order to invoice the financial adjustments and report to the ANRE the data on the connected prosumers and the measured energy quantity.

Thus, you may choose to install such pieces of equipment to lower the electricity costs and contribute to green energy generation in our country. The quantity of energy you do not use is automatically delivered to the power grid. Why not sell this surplus?

Photovoltaic panels can be mounted on the roof of the building – ideal for a surface area without shadowing obstacles (trees, taller buildings, chimneys, etc.). For example, a 3kWp system needs a roof surface area of approximately 20 sqm. This system will generate an average production of 333 kWh/month, but the actual monthly production will vary depending on the geographical area and the season.

Step by step: what you have to do if you want to install photovoltaic panels or another production equipment

Step by step: the certification of the prosumer capacity – the connection certificate

List of inverters declared compliant

List of inverters declared compliant with the requirements of ANRE Order no. 208 / 14.12.2018 for the approval of the “Technical norm regarding the technical requirements for connection to electricity grids of public interest for production modules, power plants consisting of production modules and power plants consisting of offshore production modules”.

Monitoring prosumers from Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

The list of 8.1 and 9.1 - 9.3 annexes issued by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), according to ANRE order no. 52/2021.